Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our process

HB air duct offers a process overlooked by most air duct cleaners.
This is why we love to say:

"We clean the corners, we don't cut them"

Some may ask "why clean something you can't see?" The answer is simple, because
what you can't see can hurt you.

Here we have included a few pictures to illustrate our cleaning process.

1. Remove and clean each register (vent cover)

2. Using our contact cleaning method, we agitate each line...

...while simultaneously vacuuming.

3. We then sanitize and disinfect the ducting

4. We can place filters where needed

5. Finally, the last step is the most important, regular maintenance. Regular check-ups with your cleaner will keep your overall costs lower, your indoor air quality higher, and your duct system in top working order.

We also sell, install and service Electrostatic Life time filters

Our Electrostatic furnace filters, AC/washable filters, provide over 94.7% Arresting in a premium quality Extruded Aluminum frame electrostatic permanent furnace filters with a durable and attractive finish. Applications are: forced hot air and reverse cycle AC systems. At the heart of these permanent electrostatic furnace filters are three layers of high arresting material sandwiched between 2 layers of expanded steel. A special Impregnated black Polypropylene has an EPA permanent registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth while the center non-woven layer retains debris in a maze of fibers designed to maximize flow even when soiled. Our electrostatic filters rated by independent Testing laboratory at over 94.7% peak arresting, these permanent Electrostatic furnace filters have 10 times the arresting of disposable fiberglass furnace filters.
Furnace Filter with Peak Arresting: 94.7%
Initial Resistance 0.12 Inches W.G.
Dust Holding Capacity: 165 grams
Lifetime Warranty
Extra rigid aluminum Frame
UL Approved filter
EPA Approved filter media
Best air cleaners
Custom sizes available

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

As hear on:

Up front pricing

We will not be undersold
we will match any competitors price

We don't believe in the bait-and- switch tactics that most cleaners use. Our prices are simple and up front.

$50 per line includes:

- Remove and clean each register (vent cover)
- Clean each duct using our contact cleaning method
- Sanitize each duct
- Placing new filters in all intake areas cleaned.

Optional services:

- Furnace cleaning. Remove and clean blower motor when necessary: Leaving you with a completely clean and decontaminated system.

$125.00 to $250.00 (Depending on Contamination)

- Electrostatic air filters with lifetime warranty: prices vary depending on size of intake opening

- Dryer vent cleaning.
$125.00 to $175.00